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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Children of the Gap

Seething Potential
Writhing Motion and
Disorganized formations
Rivers of Venom
Pools of Being
Lifeblood of the Cosmos
Spirit of the Tree
The Tree that grows
Out of the Gap
And also grows
Inside the Gap
The Pillar of Soul
Breathes the Fire
Constricts the Ice
Flowing Waters
Primal Mind
Deluded and beset
By not knowing
The First beings were
Empowered by Mains
Thrusted by Will
Pushed to action
We are our deeds

Then comes the Form
Then comes the Power
Then comes the Mother
Then comes the Father
Then comes Creation
Then comes Knowing
Then comes Struggle
Then comes Victory
Then comes Awareness
Then comes Holiness
Then comes we of earthen stock
Then comes the dawn of a bloodied sun

An age of beached spirits
An age of younger kin
An age of new creations
Evolution and it's whim
An age of ego, war, love, hate, justice, and crime
An age of spirit, soul, beastialness, and darkness
An age of swords and wolves, of pens and burning books
An age of conflict, an age of humanity
An age of wisdom and foolish looks
An age of Gods, and demons afoot

We are but One
This truth we miss
In the search to
Understand what is Known
Deluded are we still
Children of the Gap
That we mistake the forest
For the Tree
One and the same are They
Though different as well
The Mother of a million wonders
And the Father of a million more

The way was made in times of old
The way is bound to each tired soul
The way screams and prays in our blood
The way is beset with rivers and doves

Frith and Worth
Weaving together
Always weaving
Never ceasing
Always seeking
Never keeping
Between the Fire and the Ice
Amidts the clanging of a reforged sword
Within the whispers of an Old Oak in Autumn
There we are
There we stay
Children of the Gap
Scions of the Tree
Wielders of Wod
Woven with Aethem
We are our deeds
Children of the Gap

© Robert Shawn Rowland

Gástlic Gang - A spiritual journey and life

Image: Free from Acadie´s Art .

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