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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Chant to the Night of the Eagle

Night of ancient times
Closed night, without moon
Lost wolfs howls
Cold corroding the bones

The fire is started
The call is present
With the north Gods
The heart again beats

Night of storms
Dry rivers without flow
Shadows in the night
Drowned laughs

That's how the north tradition is
People of values shows up
Reborn warriors will go
Struggling for survival

Suna shines high
Give us your victory Sig Runa
Give us your celestial fire
And fertility shall cover Midgaard

Night of poetry and truth
Crossing oceans of falseness
The north stands against the invasion
But in his land the eagle lies

Eternal night of silenced moons
The night of the Visigoth Eagle shall proceed
The hour of Sunna in the highest shall bring
The victory for the eagle nation will be

© Hoen Falker

Hermandad Odinista del Fuego Sagrado México
Odinist Brotherhood of the Sacred Fire México

Irmandade Odinista do Fogo Sagrado México

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