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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Chant to the Great Frey          Poem in Spanish: Canto al dios Freyr

We call you Van Frei
Radiant twin god
Come to us Fricco
Lord of the white horses

God of the sun shine
God of the horns
Lord of the woods
King of the light elves

Lord of Skidbladner
Who you direct while sailing
And the wild boar of Guillinsburst
Only you can ride him

You the charming of the plough
You the one who feeds our icy land
In your honor the seed sprouts
And nature takes life

Frying lord of abundance
Yngwi god of sexuality
You wizard king of the Vanir
You lord of deer's

Your mysteries are the regeneration
The man sexuality
The growth and vitality
You eternal father

In ancient times you joined a battle
For the great gold witch you fought
And while captive you accomplished a truce
Bringing wealth, peace and fertility

Your gaze on the frozen mountains was set
You found love in the winter
In exchange of a frightful sword
You melted the ice with your virility

Nine nights of eternal love
Giving life to the frozen forest
Spring marry the winter
Sprouting life and love

They summon you when peace is broken
When the forests are being wrecked
You speak in the whisper of the trees
And heralds of your creatures they are

The Eagle nation salutes you
Noble friend god
In your shelter we ask you
Our strength and fullness

God Frey help us
Your Visigoths descendants
Under your help
To grow and prosper

Preserve our lands
Of the dark wolf age
May our table
Never be lacking of roof and sustenance

May your love magic
Of radiant light and strength
Always accompany us
Bringing extended peace

© Hoen Falker

Hermandad Odinista del Fuego Sagrado México
Odinist Brotherhood of the Sacred Fire México
Irmandade Odinista do Fogo Sagrado México

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