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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Catching Freya                                     Catching Freya MP3
                                                                       Tune: "Scarborough Fair", traditional English tune

Try to bind her, and she´ll storm away,
a free falcon circling the sky.
Invite her in, and she´ll return to you,
From her journey, time and again. 

Seek to close her in behind bars,
You´ll just find that you´ve caught yourself;
Without feeling, hard grows your heart;
sensousness flies in falcon garb.

Try to catch her - empty´s your hand,
Let her go, and she will consume you;
Fully embrace her, she'll open you up
and give you all the fullness of life. 

Freya the free one, the strong one, the wild,
Giving gifts with generous hand;
From this fullness love may prosper,
Like herself, so unbound and free.


© Michael Schütz 
Asatru Ring Frankfurt & Midgard

Image: "Cloud Maiden", © Johnathon Earl Bowser, www.johnathonart.com,
used by permission.

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