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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Casting About

I shut my eyes and listen
I wait as
My mind conjures images
Your Voice
Your energy
Trying to put words to the ineffable
To the equal-turns
Capricious and serious
To the balanced Trickster and Friend
And Truth-teller and Flyter and Compassionate One
The Breaker of Worlds and Loving Father
No contradiction; just You.
Words do not come easy
Sometimes a noun, a verb
Flashes of words, insight
Momentary links chaining
Idea to thought to word
From half-formed prayer to paean
From little dribbles of words tapping
To a flood
Rushing from pen onto paper
From fingers to some server in cyberspace
I can find You anywhere
If I look
I wait
I listen
Still struggling like a fisher
Trying to net Your essence
If for a moment
Though the words may wriggle
The net may fail
And my words
Fall free

Sarenth Odinsson

 Sarenth Odinsson's Blog

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