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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Call to Loki

Hail thou Jotun-bred child of Jarnvidur;
I have been consort to Anger and father to Death.

Hail, mad and Muspell-bred maker of mischief;
I have been a mare and mother to Odin’s rare mount.

Hail, devious Trickster, damned and mistrusted;
I have been fly and flea, finder and thief of fair things.

Hail, shape-strong sorcerer, beloved of Sigyn;
I have been a seal swimming with bleeding wounds.

Hail Bolverk’s blood-brother, betrayed and betrayer,
I have been the hand that held Hod’s to his course.

Hail, famed Flame-hair and feared Father-of-strife;
I have been a salmon ensnared in a swift net.

Hail lofty one, Lie-smith, Laufey’s son;
I am the lock which binds the wyrd of the world.

Hail Loki, bringer of gifts and Breaker-of-worlds;
I am the key to those doors which, once opened, cannot be closed.

© Elizabeth Vongvisith

Published in "Trickster, My Beloved: Poems for Laufey´s Son". Used by permission.
Elizabeth´s books are available at Asphodel Press.

Twilight and Fire - Mysticism, devotion, and explorations of the heart.

Image: © John Howe, www.john-howe.com. Used with permission.

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