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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Stones and earth, Northri, you give
In soft fields, furrowed,
Wandered far,
Lady of the land, full known,
Gives her spirit and is filled
With earth might
In a giving dance
Feet bare and firm upon the land
And one becoming earthloam and seed
Strong as stone
The power rises
From the earth through and through

The wind then comes, Austri, singing,
Whispers, roars, sky-river sounding
Reeds of pan-pipes, through tree branches
And she knows him, flying, whirling, deep breath,
Life like Ond and breeze of summer,
Howl of winter
One with Austri winds of heavens

Suthri sun and warming fire
Bringing to the night desire
Bringing softly morning sun
Rising sparks and flicker flames
Lady holds your light within
One with light and life beginning
In the sparking of a fire

And this on mountains
And rising
And this from valleys
And drumbeats
And this from rainfall
Soft and then
Quickening, Quickening,
Across the land
Grey streaks of falling
Feeding streams
Ice warmed and freeing
Roaring as the river roars
And rushing to the ocean
Cascading fiords, streams
And deep wells
Sing in all the songs of water
Tumbles headlong
Into loving
She becomes you
Vestri songrain

Became the earth, the wind, the fire
Became the rain in her desire
Formed the spirit with her breath
And held the keys of life and death

Adorned she stands
Amber wise
Knowledge won
All-seeing eyes

Hold the elements with grace
And win a spirit blessing trace
To spin the makings of desire,
Earth and rain, wind and fire.

Hazel-Kate Dooley, 2003

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