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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



I saw You today
On the Bifröst
Rainbows arching from World to World

Heimdall walked behind You
As far as Asgard’s lines
Watching in His sentry post

I felt no malice come from Him
No anger, or wounded pride
Just duty and solemnity

You walked so serious today
From Your Worlds to ours
I wonder what brings You to Midgard

The Rainbow brightens and I think
I can make You out
Is that Odin too?  Yes!

Sometimes I hear Your voice
In Flame or in prayer
A whisper

Yet I see You walking before me
And I light a cigarette
The only offering I have at hand

As the smoke curls
And You vanish from sight
I thank You, Loki, for letting me see You

Sometimes we struggle a lifetime
To hear a Voice, see a sign
Yet here Bifröst lays Its feet upon Midgard

It reminds me that You walk here
Among us mortals doomed to die
And You, Your Wyrd, is never far, tied up tight, in us.

© Sarenth Odinsson

 Sarenth Odinsson's Blog

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