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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



When You inhale, my Lord, when You breathe again into me, taking
back that which was given when I was molded to the whisper of Your breath,

will I be taken into You?

Will You allow me to impregnate You with the rhythm of my desire
as You have filled me with longing? Will I lay suspended within Your heart,
captured for an eternity like a hungry insect trapped in sweetest amber, or
will I pass from Your lips the vaguest shadow of a memory?

Even such a passing would be sweet, my Lord, girded as the way would be
by the threshold of Your lips.

I would be content to forego the martial pleasure of Valhalla, if I could
rest but an instant in such a sweet prison or tumble off the precipice
of Your inhalation to taste again Your kiss,
even if breath were stolen from me instead of given.

I will wither in You, my Lord and it will be a most glorious harvest.

Galina Krasskova


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