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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Born The Day In Beauty

Born the day in beauty,
Sunna warm and high,
The retreat of Nerthus rich and full
Beneath the springtime sky...

Come now Odin's children
To this rich and fertile place,
With gratitude in their hearts
And smiles upon their faces,
The children's children laugh and play,
Ostara watches, pleased
As eggs are hid and food prepared
And horns abrim with mead...

The good folk gather on the ridge
And close the sacred ve,
No harmful wights can now intrude
No woe be worked today,
The Gods are called among them,
Theodish gift is raised,
Ostara's praises greatly sang
And the land vaettir are praised...

Much luck is built 'mongst kith and kin
In the springtime majesty
And mingled wyrd forever woven
Into the tapestry,
And thus are forged the bonds that tie,
Of frith and kindred might
And the sound of these bonds working weal
Echoed long into the night...

Johnny Whitebread

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Photo: Georges Noblet. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license.