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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Blue-black of the midnight sky,
Softer than a loverís whisper,
Richer than the velvet cloak of a king,
Stronger than armor of adamantine,
More welcoming than a well-worn blanket,
Your cloak flows like the black waters of a silent
Like the bittersweet current of dark, alluring dreams,
Like a flag whipped fiercely by howling winds,
Like sacred words softly chanted by one who knows.
Wrap me in Your cloak, my Odin,
Let its folds of blue be my shroud, my shield, my
Let it encase me, enfold me, enclose me.
Let depths of blue swallow my fear, soothe my sorrow
In the shelter of Your arms.
Beloved, let me rest in those dark folds
Silken and silent as the cemetery,
Rapturous and ravening as Your kisses.
Out of the flowing fabric that enfolds You
Let my spirit be continually reborn.

© Laure Lynch     Gate of the Slain     Odhroerir Fellowship

Author of Odhroerir: Nine Devotional Tales of Odin's Journeys
and Water from the Well And Other Wyrd Tales of Odin

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