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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Blow, Heimdall! Blow!

Ah. It's been three years cold.
Ah. It may be time, so I'm told.

Blow, Heimdall! Blow!

The Gods hear his sound
They all gather round
To aproach the ground
The field they wish to retain
As Surt approaches with sticks' bane.

Blow Heimdall! Blow!
Let us all know!
That it's time to meet this day
That it's time for the great fray!

Blow Heimdall! Blow!
Let us rise to face our foe
By our Gods heel in toe
Blow, Heimdall! Blow!

As we ride
The world chooses their side
With Norsemen pride
We stride
By our Gods' side.

Loki coming with his corpses
Let him meet our defenses
The ravaging wolf with his fangs
We will meet them, even so.

Blow Heimdall! Blow!
As Thor fights the worm
The aproaching Chaos storm
What force will we form?

Blow Heimdall! Blow!
Let them know
How it feels
To meet our steel
Though it may be in vain.
Our courage we couldn't ever really restrain.
Blow, Heimdall! Blow!

As the earth goes under
Midgard torn asunder
There's no need to wonder
Who takes the plunder

Blow, Heimdall. Blow.

© 2005 Drknss

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Image: "Call of Battle", © 2002 Jason Engle

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