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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Blot Dedication

We dedicate this sacrifice to:
O­inn Old Wanderer, Allfather of the folk!
Loki Long-Fettered, bringer of treasures!
Thˇrr Thunder-Hammer, protector of Midgar­!
Freyr Field-Blesser, rider of the boar!
Freyja Falcon-Cloak, weeping bride!
Frigga Frith-Seeker, wise to fates!
Njor­r Noatun-Master, wealth-giver!
Nerthus Nether-Earth, peace-maker!
Balder Bearer-of-Rings, guest in Hel's hall!
Nanna Never-Lonely, grief-stricken.
Heimdall Horn-Blower, guardian of the bridge!
Ăgir Ale-Brewer, ship-wrecker!
Ran Receiver-of-the-Drowned, mother of Waves!
Tiw Trust-Bearer, wolf-binder!
Sif Sunshine-Hair, thunder-hall key-keeper!
Forseti Finder-of-Springs, ship-steerer!
Idunna Immortal-Apples, keeper of youth!
Bragi Blithe-Tongue, skald-patron!
We do you honour! Hail!

ę Larisa C Hunter aka Mist, Gy­ja of Kenaz Kindred

Author of "FULLTR┌I : Patrons in ┴satr˙"

Excerpted from "Frigga Blot".

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