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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Flicker and the torch goes out.
I can no longer see through this blackness
dense and oppressive it shrouds my every step.
I carry it with me through my waking
and it invades my dreams.
Is this what it means to be blind?
Sight is no gift if there is no light by which to see.
But I will stumble through this darkness
clawing my way to your tattered robes.
Grasping futilely at any stray strand
til I feel my fingers clench upon the cloth,
and take hold with desperate fury.
Grasp my hand and drag me blind into light.
I will not let go!
Lead me forth to Mimir's cruel waters.
Let me pluck my sight to see
and gaze within that dreadful well.
Let me quench my thirst in vision.

2005 Matilda Marks 

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