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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Blessing of the Nine Mothers

Speaks first Jarnsaxa -
ninth wave´s proud walker -
of humankind´s father,
Heimdallr most holy.
Crying from bloody loins
I cut him, Loki´s Bane,
from nurture´s well.

Second speaks Atla,
his mettle shaped, need fires waking.
Sternly I taught him.
Breakwater of Bifrost,
Hope I gave him.
Kindling the flame of need
in the hearts of his folk.

Ulfrun, third among thursbrides
speaks of cunning craft - loregiver.
All shapes, I taught him,
cunning runester, prophecy´s son,
wyrd´s whisperer…
through nine worlds turning.

Imdar claims, Brisingamen´s bearer
blesses his battles,
so speaks the fourth wave of her son…
Seal lord, swift swimmer,
the jewel reclaimed.
So he won the friendship
of Freya´s thighs.

Greip fifth rider,
gives forth tales of Earney´s holding
the Gjallrhorn safely.
Iron grip, I give him.
Holds he fast the bright jewel thief,
falls Laufey´s son to Rigr the Righteous.

Sings the sixth wave Gjalp,
of silent strength
when storm strikes Yggdrasil…
Sucks from my breast
the ice-cold rime,
strenghtened the sinews of Asgard´s warden.

Eistla comes now,
who carried the hearth thane
of Himinbjorg´s wall…
Well-spring of lore´s rede,
I gave him…
farmcraft, smithcraft, bardcraft,
he brought to the folk.

Speaks now Eyrgjafa,
Eights wave wife, who gifted nine worlds
with one warder wise.
My wave gift, the graveled shore,
landgiving, cost changing son.
Bridge keeper, the folk upholding,
no broken twig in forest dark unheeding.

Angeya cries now,
who once cried before…
as the white god sprung form her effort.
I gave him the great voice…
to cry doom for gods and men,
to herald bright Baldur´s return.

Boast now the brides of sea and seastrand
of Heimdallr,
the fatherless son…
So soared his spirit
bound to the seal´s shape
in seeking sorrow´s hope and seed´s safe haven.
Food of the folk
and gods´ great gift. To robe in splendor
Rig´s fair children.
Of Rime,
and sap of the ground, and sacred blood
fed the brightest of gods…
Duty bound to wyrd´s mystery,
Ase´s holy warder - loregiver to the folk.

© Dana Kramer-Rolls

Image: "Leaving Beleriand", © John Howe, www.john-howe.com, used as permitted

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