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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


I am blessed by the High Ones
Who hold me always in Their care.
When in Their presence, all pain numbs
And I ponder no cause of fear.

Odin blessed me with my own life,
For which I owe Him with my death.
A gift for like gift must requite,
Thus my grave in the earth beneath.

Devious Loki dared to show
His deceptions without reprieve.
His tricks did teach me long ago
To keep some Aces up my sleeve.

Thor gave great strength of will and mind,
To grant succour from an assault.
He thunders forth with fury blind
To bring the thurses to a halt.

Bragi blessed me with wits and rhyme.
He intrigued my thoughts with His prose.
He shall rouse ‘till the end of time
Emotion that forever grows.

Frigg blessed me with my own homestead,
Without which I’d be in the street.
She bestowed me with a warm bed
And She frees me from fear of need.

Tiu honed for me honour of word
And taught me to do what is just.
He showed a path carved by the sword
Free of hate, avarice and lust.

Nerthus keeps the land healthful and whole.
She gives green fields to till and sow.
I don’t despoil Her like a fool,
But care for Her so She’ll care, too.

Heimdall holds watch over Bifrost
So I can’t enter the Gods’ Halls
‘Till my time is finally lost;
Then, I’ll be in the Holy Walls.

For all these reasons I am blessed.
Through good times and bad, I can say
In truth, I shall never arrest
My faith in the Gods any day.

© Justin Douglas Blackford

Image: "The Norse Gods Descending", Collingwood 1890

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