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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Bjorn the Viking

Bjorn the Viking was axe grinding
When he heard those Christmas bells
Bishop said he should be baptized
Or hed spend his life in a fiery hell

Mighty Bjorn was much offended
And his axe had soon turned red
He lopped off poor bishops head
Soon Mighty Bjorn will feast with Odin's friends

The smell of blood got Bjorn excited
And he went into wolfs-head rage
His fine axe just kept a swinging
No more bells were heard that Christmas day

Bjorn had worked up quite a thirst
And the mead-horn passed his way
One long drink and it was empty
Then Bjorn stood up to proudly say

Some fine gifts Ive given Odin
With my axe skill shown today
One day soon I will be feasting
In his hall of gold where warriors play

Jeff Wolf


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