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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



The voices of the valkyrie call from around
Spying upon me are the eyes of Odin.
The bear is released..
Something dreaded is near.
I feel panicked and trapped
yet have no sense of fear.
My vision is red.
My emotions run high.
Anger and love, together as one.
My thoughts are not present.
Only feelings within.
I am no longer human, but an animal disguised.
Hacking away, biting and howling,
No enemy stands in my path.
The fog clears...and bodies litter the field.
As the rage fades away, a depression comes down.
I feel I should die...so terrible am I.
I can not move well now...
The bear has sapped me of my energy.
I must go rest,
This blessing of Odin is more of a curse...
Why must I be on the border between man and beast?

Justin L. O'Brien

~irishrng on DeviantArt


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