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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Steam explodes from my nostrils
Betraying the blaze building within
Gleaming metallic skin strains to contain
The rippling muscles wound taut underneath
A giant cross bow pining for release
Unwavering, relentless, deep green eyes
Speckled with gold
Do not betray the humanity within
As they hungrily drink in their noble prey
Across the expansive battlefield
Through these merciless lenses will the
Terrible beauty of my savagery unfold
Overhead, on midnight wings
My surrogate father
Caws his approval
The dying light of the blood red sky glints menacingly
Off mammoth, golden tusks sharp as Laevateinn itself
Promising righteous ruin for my ill-fated foes;
Rearing my head back
My bloodcurdling war cry ripples the very air
Echoing to Asgard above
Able to contain my fury no longer
I charge across the battlefield
With the speed and grace of the Stag
And the ferocity of the battle boar
Scarring the ground with each violent thrash of
Enormous tined hooves
I am a glorious golden nightmare given form
I see the sheer panic-stricken horror
Etched on the faces
Of my battle-hardened foes
As they recognize their horrible fate
Advancing at the speed of light;
Forfeiting their places in hallowed Valhalla
And an honorable warrior’s death
They turn tail and run
Rather than face Gullinbursti’s wrath,
The battle joy of the Berserker Boar
But they cannot and will not escape me

© Gullin Freyrson

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