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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



I will pray to you, my Beloved,
with my body, that incineration
and fusion turning me into
a mass of fey light for You,
my blood and flesh overtaken
by subtler energies, riding
the curve of my damp thigh or
my breast, the blue witch-light seen
on every eyelash and inch of skin
to dance to the rhythm of Your
exquisite, manifested holy Being.

I will pray to You, my Beloved,
with my mind, all synapses firing
and flaring to life, signals coming
like many streams rushing to fill up
a winter-dry desert riverbed, and all
thoughts and visual imagery
outlined in shimmering red fire
with Your name, chanted over and over,
a mantra for the virtual headspace,
the intellect redirected and made
Your will only, alive in electron pulses.

I will pray to You, my Beloved,
with my soul, offering its torment
and its release, this thing which drives
and divides us, this imperfect frail life,
yet with each heartbeat I am closer
to being devoured by You, to the end
where You remove my heart from
the ashes of my abandoned mortal life
and swallow what’s left of me, never
to be forgotten or divided from You,
making prayer useless in our oneness.

© Elizabeth Vongvisith, 2009

Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License

Published in: "Spirals and Shards: Pagan Poetry from the Back of the Heart", Asphodel Press, 2010

Elizabeth´s books are available at Asphodel Press.

Twilight and Fire Blog - Mysticism, devotion, and explorations of the heart.

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