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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


An Oath-Calling

Frey, Njord and Ullr
We call to you
Warders of the oath-ring
To hear this oath being made

Mighty ancestors
We call to you
To witness now
This oath being made

Var and Vor
We call to you
To watch these words
And hold them true

We call upon all
Friendly wights
Seen and unseen
To witness now
This oath being made

(Name), come forward
And take hold of this ring
Its unbroken shape
And continuity
Is an emblem
Of the unbroken
Web of Troth

May the oath
You are about to give
Remain as firm and fast
As this ring you now hold

Take a moment now
To reflect on this deed
And then when you are ready
Make your oath
Before these witnesses

(oath is given)

As it is spoken
Let it be done
May all the holy powers
Lend you their strength
In keeping this Troth.

Jeff Wolf


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