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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


An Image of Skaši

Skaši strode forth longbow in hand
hearth and Husband, house left behind
off to the woods wasters to slay
Giantess Bold Warden of Beasts

Wolves pace abreast guarding Her flanks
sniffing the breeze yips to guide steps
Steward of Prey treads lightly now
wasters ahead death comes to them

Men without need slay rough coat stag
seeking only horn for the wall
meat left to rot pelt cut to shreds
laugh over mead crude jokes they make

Blood drinking reeds fly from Her string
black hearts are pierced wasted themselves
blood into ground feeding the earth
life force is used stag runs again

Skaši and wolves run on and on
wasters to find black lives to end
home to Yewdale day's work is done
hearth and Husband peace for the night

© Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr

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Image: Skaši by Carl Christian Peters (1822-1899). Public Domain.

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