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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


A Valknut Dream

Twixt night and dawn
Twixt thought and dream
At thundercrash I quickly rose
Outside the fire, naught more than gleam
Outside my tent I quickly froze

The sky was clear, the moon a sliver
No clouds to birth this thunder clap.
My scabbard yawned, its tooth did quiver
In my weary hand wary of a trap

'To bed!' The sultry voice commanded
'Me, you forsake for Autumn's Chill?
Thine scabbard needs its mate returnéd
And You've thine own warm sheath to fill."

Briefly, just, did my mind wander...
And quick again, back to the night
My strength, I had none to squander
'Till I dispatched which dodged my sight...

Stealthly, silently, into the darkness
Still no sign of foe, or friend
Sheepish now, I felt, and more so
As I searched time without end..

First I feared of unseen phantoms,
Now, my bedmate's wrath forbode
Slowly, now, I truned back towards her
As my quickened pulse now slowed..

Then a Boom! A Crash of Thunder!
Up-churned earth before me piled..
A mighty laugh ne'er knocked me over
Before me Red-haired mountain smiled..

Within my skin my bones all trembled
This Thurse's might, I was no match!
But with all my will assembled,
I'd strike one blow fore I'm dispatched..

I cried 'Great Odin, make room ready!
Thine Vahall lies within my stride!'
And though my strength may soon flow from me
A warrior's death, I'll claim with pride
(of this, I would not be denied...)

Mockingly, Red-Hair bent towards me
So I might reach him with my sword
I lept, I lunged, with all might in me
And landed upon cold, hard, floor.....

'Twas Sunna through my window found me
Not the call of Valkyries...
The ancient wood no more arround me
Naught but the 21st century....

Dismayed, I hear the din of traffic..
Neon, now, not campfire's gleam
Alas, it was but Evening's magic
A glimpse of Glory,
A Valknut Dream.

© Len Levenda

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