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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


A Song of History

Sing a song of bravery, sing it in my veins,
Sing a song of ancestors, those known and those unnamed,
Sing a song of salt spray as it crashes ‘gainst the prow,
Against the looming dragon head that leads with murderous scowl,
Sing a song of unsheathed steel as it bites the shield’s lip
Sing a song of warriors vaulting from the ship
Sing a song of plunder, of ravens fattened well
And sing a song of battle, of death’s pungent, sticky smell
Sing a song of history, sing it bold and strong
and let the heroes live forever immortalized in song….

© Johnny Whitebread


Image: "The Ballad of Nornagest", Anker Eli Petersen (* 1959), graphical artist from the Faroe Islands.
This image is in the public domain because it was released by the copyright holder Postverk Føroya - Philatelic Office.


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