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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


A Prayer To Sinthgunt

Hail Sinthgunt,
Gleaming Goddess!
Hail, Strong in Battle,
through the halls of Night.
Hail, Charm-weaver,
Spinner of fiery force,
carefully setting woe aright.
Hail, Celestial Power,
blazing beacon
standing proudly
between Sun and Moon.
Hail, You who eases Your Siblings' burdens;
Delight of Your Father,
Daughter of He who turns the fabric of time,
as we might turn the pages of a book.
Hail Companion of Nott, Herald of Your Brother.
Laughing Goddess, wise in magic,
Keeper of many secrets:
Hail, Shining Star.
Sinthgunt, I honor You.

Sophie Oberlander


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