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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


A Prayer to Loki

Loki, best Beloved,
slyest of wordsmiths,
scar lipped, flame-haired sky treader,
friend of the Raven God,
friend of Thor,
skilled in runes,
unquiet, ever unbound,
hear my humble words this day.

In every place where You are unacknowledged,
In every place where impiety turns hearts and minds against You,
In every place where you are consciously slighted and spoken of with hate:

May You be there.
May Your presence be invoked by that negative attention.

Wherever You are consciously not hailed,
May You be there.
May Your name be the silent heaviness on their tongues.
May the grace of Your presence flow into that negative space.

Wherever You or Your kin are spoken of with insults and malice,
May You turn Your attention upon the speakers
And bestow upon them the fullness of Your blessings,
Nine fold nine times and more.

Wherever there are those who slander and attack the ones who love You,
May they bask in the unending joy of Your attentions.
May You hold their luck and maegen in Your slender, skillful hands
And weave those things their words warrant into the fabric of their wyrd.
May their ill words be an invocation of Your presence.

But where You are hailed with love, with adoration, or with simple respect
Come with kindness, oh Burden of Sigyn's arms.
Come with gentleness,
Come with fervor,
And bestow upon us the joy of Your favor.

Hail Loki, ever-exalted.

Galina Krasskova 

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