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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


A Prayer to Idunna II

Goddess of regeneration,
Bearer of blessed apples
Wife of the God of Poetry’s Fire
I hail You.

Daughter of Hildgun, brave valkyrie
Daughter of Ivaldi, mighty craftsman
with apples, nuts, and fruiting vines
I shall pour out offerings before You.

The sweetness of growth,
the tartness of change,
the crisp tautness of eternal balance
these are Your Mysteries,
these the fruits of Your blessings.

Companion of the Tree,
You tend the beauty and health
of the Worlds.
Yours is inviolate grace.
Yours the envy of every Power.

Bless me, Goddess, Sweet Idunna,
tend to me too with never-failing care;
make it so, that my love
for the Gods never withers.
That is the apple
whose bite I would beg.
That the gift I would cherish most
from Your hands alone.

Hail Idunna!
Hail the blessings of the Gods!
Hail the blessings of the Worlds!

© Galina Krasskova

Image: Crabapple Blossom Stock I by Melyssah6-Stock. Used according to artist's license.

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