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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


A Prayer for Winter

In the name of the Northern Huntress
Let there be plenty of food and game
To last us until the growing begins again
In the name of the Ondurdis
Let the snows be gentle
The winds be tame and not so biting
Let the sleet be scarce
And the hailstones have little sting
Let the cold not be harsh
But instead serve to ease the fiery impatience
That inevitably arises in anticipation of spring
In the name of the Winterborn Giantess
Let the animals under Your care be safe and snug
In their homes
Just as we will
Let the warmth given off by fire and furnace be plentiful
As the ice coats the lands and hangs from the shingles
Huntress, Winter´s Wrath, I pray
Let this season be kind
To me and mine
Let it be a smooth reminder of its necessity
As we remember that for all its glory and for all we take joy in it
Life, even at its peak, needs rest and dormancy
For without winter, there would be no summer
Without rest for the soil as it lies fallow
There would be no crops
And without the cold, the snow
The biting winds and the bruising hail
We would take the warmth of the sun
The feel of hot sand under our feet as the cool waves break on our shins
For granted
And life would be less appreciated
So thank You for that lesson
And we will strive to remember it
Even as we ask for winter
Not to be cruel

© Tracy Nichols

Published in "The Huntress Within: Finding Skadhi" as Isa Frostdottir.

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