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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


A Prayer for Nerthus

Bodies buried in bogs | in beauty She walks
To claim the cleansed | who cleaved unto Her
To feed on their fervor | and feast on their fear

She sanctifies the soil | Her soul in all things
The gallows a gift | for gold sunshine and grain
Life lost so the living | may love another day

Years pass, yield ceases | but for a faint yearning
No wandering of wains | to wake the sleeping Earth
No songs or sacrifice | to soothe the sorrowed Queen

Kings conquer and kill | drink blood and cold comfort
Rivers run red | empires made ruins
Voices cry out for victory | but vote in their doom

The dirt deems us doomed | death is the decree
Children choke on the chains | chosen by their kin
The memory of Mother | mangled by the masses

What price for princes | what more to prove
What cost our caring | what more to be culled?
How hard to hail Her | to clean out our hearths?

Lady of the Land | look upon us lost ones
Hertha, heal us | even if it hurts
Nerthus, know us | for we need You.

© Nornoriel Vanyahildė


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