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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

A Passionate Poem to Loki

Loki, mock them!
How they sit on their benches,
while the World Tree trembles, they snugly rest;
each plays his own tune on his fetter-strings--
hero´s courage song in each coward´s breast!

Loki, tease them, as they sip their ale,
brag Bragi-talk about weapons and war,
while the ice-cold giants can smell their victory:
The soft gods left the door wide ajar!

Loki, call that Ragnarok begins,
while gods and goddesses slumber all,
tied to their pillows of old comfy habits,
all too snug in their cozy hall!

Loki, no, they don´t hear the shouts
as on the plain the first fightings begin.
No, they bind you, killing the hope
that waking gods lightly the battle may win.

Waking gods, Loki? Rise from your bed!
There still is time. Wake up wakefulness.
Younger gods find new and better ways,
that our freedom and dignity never grow less!

Original "Et patetik digte til Loke", © Dan Nielsen  Solmaanen.dk
Translation from Denish Dan Nielsen / M. Macha

Image: "Loki", © Giovanni Caselli

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