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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


A Morning Bede

I awake this morning to find a world
pregnant with possibilities.

May the Gods, Givers of Will,
sharpen my wit for the choices to come.

May the Sun, Light-Elf Queen,
enlighten and energize me for the coming day.

May the Earth, Mother of Life,
empower and fortify me for deeds yet to be.

May the Ancestors, Root of my Line,
lend luck to my endeavours.

At every crossroads I find today,
I will recall my loved ones,

and the wisest choice
will become clear to me.

What helps kith and kin,
now and in three generations,

supports life
and thus honours the Ancients.

I awake this morning to find the Gods
watching over me,

to find the Sun on my face,
and the Earth beneath my feet,

I find my wain before me,
and the Ancestors at my back.


Dan Miller     

Dano Hammer - Heartfelt Heathen Hip-Hop

Image: Sunset in Israel, by Ori. Released into the public domain.

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