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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

A Grazing Mace         A Grazing Mace MP3

Tune: Amazing Grace

A Grazing Mace, how sweet the blow
That killed a wretch like me.
I once was up, but now I'm down.
A Grazing Mace killed me.

My knight has promised help for me
He'll save my ass for sure.
He will my shieldwall anchor be
As long as life endure.

That mace has taught my heart to fear
No shield my fear relieves
How swiftly did that Mace appear
The hour it first killed me.

Through many fighters, knights and earls
I had already come.
My knight had kept me safe thus far
But Mace did send me home.

That mace has slain ten thousand foes
All sweating in the sun.
I'd no more grace to duck that mace
I was ten thousand one. 

First verse - unknown, other verses: Jenna of Southwind

This is the version that appeared in the (Completely Unofficial) Calontir Army Fighter's Authorization
in CHOIR Songbook (Pennsic XXV Edition).

Calontir Songbook (Calontir Practice CD)


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