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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


A Gift for a Gift

To you, Ingvi Frey, I give thanks.
I give You my words, this writing, to show my appreciation,
to show Your goodness.
You honoured my offerings when I had little to spare,
You honored the time I spent with You,
giving You my adoration,
and You gave me new life:
a move to a different land,
to be with my beloved,
to start fresh
and gain health and wealth,
frith and mirth,
an enjoyment of living life.
When all hope seemed lost,
You made a way out of no way.

You desire that the people of Midgard
know what it is to truly live.
You transform tears into gentle rain,
You transform shit
into fertilizer to feed the soil.
You transform smiles into sunshine,
laughter into cooling winds.
Your blood spills on the soil,
You are cut down in compassion
for the hungry people,-
the pain of Your sacrifice
is the pain of the hunger of all the Nine Worlds,
the hunger of empty stomachs
and empty lives.
Your blood feeds the Earth,
you walk the Hel Road
so we may stay alive.

The deeds of our labor bring a harvest,
and we share the first fruits with You,
in frith and merriment,
knowing You are God of the World,
giver of good things,
You rejoice with our gladness.

I will always be grateful to You,
for every day there is at least one thing to be thankful for,
if not more.
Even when I find shadows,
I will never fail to see the light,
the light that is You,
the light You have given to my world.

To You, Ingvi Frey, I give my life,
for You share Your life with me.
A gift for a gift, Giefu,
an embrace,
You connect me to the Worlds,
and to life.

© Nornoriel Vanyahildė


Published as
Sigrun Freyskona in "Gifts of the Golden God"


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