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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



A Father´s Prayer

Heimdall Odinsson!
Bearer of Gjallarhorn,
Guardian of Bifrost Bridge,
Golden Toothed Warrior,
Brightest of the Gods, hear me!
I ask that you grant me patience, 
so that I may learn to deal with the challenges that life offers me,
I ask that you may help me in my quest for knowledge, 
so that I may teach my children the Way of our ancestors,
I ask that you open my eyes and ears, 
so that might better learn of the beautiful worlds which surround me,
And lastly I ask that you teach me the Tru meaning of Honor and Leadership,
so that I may better serve the Folk.
Know that in return for your many blessings,
 I vow to honor the Way and traditions of my ancestors,
Respect and protect the Land Wights around me,
To hold You as an example of what I should strive for,
And to always Honor and Respect the Holy Aesir and Vanir!
Hail Heimdall!

© Haakon Donalsson, Heimdalrsgodi
Ostara 26, 2249 RE