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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

A Fatherís Call to Frigga

Here on Midgard I watch them play
My Sons, both strong and true
My Daughter gone to Asgardís shores
To live and play with you

The Queen of Gods, The All-Mother,
The knower of it all, to you dear Lady
Dear Goddess Frigg
I pray you hear my call

Let my girl know sunshine
And let my girl know rain
Let my girl know her fatherís love
And that I will see her again

I carry her within my heart
As you know I carry you
Among the Gods and Goddesses
For I am Asatru

I listen when the Vanir speak
I hear the Wights at play
Bear witness to Maniís long ride
And Sunnaís birth at day

I marvel at Odinís power
In awe of Thorís great might
Frey and Freyaís love for us
Are all I need to fight

The darkest times, when they come
To assail me unseen
And try to drag my kicking soul
Back to the Nazarene

But Heimdall stands guard on my soul
I toast him now with mead
My Family, My Gods, My Folk
Are all Iíll ever need!

But Frigga, you are special here
That corner in my heart
Where Cailligh lives forevermore
Our souls never apart

So let my girl know sunshine
And let my girl know rain
Let my girl know her familyís love
And we will see her again

We carry her within our hearts
As you know we carry you
Haill Aesir! Haill Vanir!
This familyís ASATRU!

© Matt Leonard

Gothi, Black Mountain Hearth

Image: "Tellus Mater" (Earth Mother) from the Ara Pacis (Altar of Peace) in Rome.

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