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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


A Daily Prayer


In Your name, Ingui,

I ask for Your blessings and bounty:


May I have wealth enough to provide my needs, goods and gear,

and some enjoyment in this life.

May I know that wealth is a tool, and to be used wisely.


May I have health in my body, strenght to work,

may I also have health in my mind and mood.


May those who wish me ill know to keep from me,

may I handle any possible conflicts with grace and skill.


May I choose my words carefully,

with what to speak, whom I speak to, when to speak, where,

and how everything is said.


May I go to the right places, and do the right deeds,

and may those who need me, know where to find me.


Peace and good seasons in my life.

Peace and good seasons in the lives of the ones You love.

May I know peace within myself,

and peace within my world,

that all things come in their season,

that there is beauty in the sunshine and the rain.


May Your blessings be with me, Ing-Frey,

and may my deeds this day be a blessing to You.

© Nornoriel Vanyahildë


Published as Svartesól
in "Peace and Good Seasons. A Devotional for Ing-Frey"

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