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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


A Call From Within

A call from within, where uncertainty dwelt;
Rather than told, it was something I felt.
Programmed denial and living in fear;
Memorized words that fell on deaf ears.
Praying so hard before I fell asleep,
That there was a Lord of whom my soul would keep.
Building inside me, as my faith unfurled,
Was something I hid from the rest of the world.
A call from within, although softly at first,
Trickled so slowly towards my "unquenchable" thirst.
Foreign to me, yet familiar as well,
Revealing itself through so ancient a tale.
He, bright and soft-spoken, so many a night,
Would hold me so gently and whisper so light.
Pulling me farther from what I thought my fate,
Wyrd lay before me: just to unlatch the gate.
A call from within, although slightly in fear,
This dissipates as it all becomes clear.
A part of me trailing...is so far behind,
Yet catching up slowly, with each day, I find.
I am met warmly and sliding in place,
Freeing doubt and fear, until there's barely a trace.
Burying shame as I cast away sin,
All for my faith in a call from within.

Brandy Burkett

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