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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Awaiting Ragnarok

Heroes all we have died
To be brought to this place
Of fires and fights and feasting
The most celebrated of all waiting rooms
Long we stand and well we know our fate
In honour we fell and it is upon us to fall again

Gladly we accept this task
As the chosen of our people
Our stories told to generations
Brave deeds retold in fireside poems
As the cold wind wraps around our kin
They are cheered to know that we are here

So we eat and drink our fill
Carouse into the small hours
Share tales of our own deeds
To stave off the boredom of waiting
We fight for practice and to be ready
For we are Odinís multitude heroes of times past

The long years drag for us
As we wait for our time to come
When the call will go up to defend
Once again to show our berserker face
Putting down the great rebellion to come
The last of the great battles of history and time

© Rushy

`Rushy on DeviantArt

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