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~ By Courtesy of Others ~




Odin! Who first beheld me as the lifeless Ash,
Beside my sibling Elm, devoid of destiny,
Thou carved me into form; put soul into my flesh.
Bestower and Devourer; God Within Me.

If Thou grant my soul breath,
I shall summon the strength!

Hoenir! Who first beheld me wanting for my wits,
Stoically awaiting to ingrain my instincts,
Thou garnished the gap behind my eyes with Thy light;
Destroy all ignorance with the Wisdom Thou bringst!

If Thou grant the senses,
I shall summon insight!

Lothur! Who first beheld me bereft of motion,
Neither blood nor colour lay in my pallid skin;
Thou stirred my immobile form to animation,
Manifestation of the greatest gain within.

If Thou grant the life-blood,
I shall summon Godhood.

I shall go now, just as my forefathers have gone,
And as my eyes gaze upon the star-scattered skies
I proudly announce for all to hear, "I AM MAN!"
"I shall do what must be done, which none may decry!"

For the foolish man idly awaits any help,
Just as the coward sorrowfully begs for it.
But the wise and strong declare, "I shall help myself!"
We, Ash-Born men carved by High, Just-As-High, and Third.

© Justin Douglas Blackford

Image: "Odin, Lodur, Hoenir shape Ask and Embla", Lorenz Frølich (1820–1908), Denish painter, illustrator and etcher.

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