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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Asatru Prayer

Oh gods, as I lie here in my bed,
I pray that you watch over me
Let the pillow be soft under my head
And let sleep keep me in safety
Bless the world, oh gods so grand,
For it needs your protection
Bless the land and the forests
Watch for fires in your detections
And let them grow with each night's rest
Bless the beasts both great and small
For they are brothers of nature
Watch over them, one and all
And let them live to be mature
Bless mankind, of every creed,
Of every country, every race
Watch over the homeless and diseased
Bless my kith and kin, with your grace
Watch over all of us, gods so high
And keep us safe in times of need
Whether tomorrow I live or die
I ask you watch the world and me

Dmitri Redski

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