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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Asatru Food Blessing

I thank you, oh Gods, for this meal before me.
May its nourishment and taste grant me strength.
Bless my bread, oh Gods, for you gave me this wheat
And let it give me the energy to get that which I can attain.

Bless my greens, oh Gods, for they keep me strong from ills
And let them keep my body clean, the poisons less and less.
Bless my meat, oh Gods, and let it give me power that fills;
Bless my drink, oh Gods, may it nourish and aid what I digest.

I ask you to bless my meal so that it may give me the power
To take on life´s challenges and achieve greatness.
And with each morsel and sip which I shall devour
I ask that you, oh mighty Gods, may bless.

© Dmitri Redski


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