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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


A Raven's Call

We learned the lore in the days of yore
In truths of tales then told
Two ravens bid me follow them
Unto a hall of gold

There sat a man upon a throne
Whose eye reflects my soul
He said, "Welcome son, the chosen one
For deeds both true and bold

Take up this horn and be reborn
Drink thrice the holy mead
And follow me to the Great Ash Tree
Most hallowed of all steads."

I replied, "Before I follow and before I swallow
Might I inquire your name?
For I know not much about you sir
Or from whence you came."

He said, "I am known by many names
A Master of Inspiration
Both warrior and wanderer
The highest of all shamans

Upon eight legs I ride each day
Unto the well of fate
With a thirst for knowledge and flair for battle
Which no man dare debate

My spear flies straight, my words all true
I am called Allfather by man
Now drink up with haste and poetry taste
and you will surely know who I am."

So with liquid consumed, my soul was exhumed
From my earthly physical being
And I hung from a tree, of antiquity
in disbelief of what I was seeing

For nine nights I hung on that wind-swept tree
Wounded by my own spear
A sacrifice, myself to myself
For the runes that would soon appear

I took them up screaming and fell back again
And stood before my new friend
I said, "You are Odin, wisest of Gods
And leader of bravehearted men."

Jason Erich Luhavalja

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