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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Odin was a great and
far-traveled warrior,
who conquered many
kingdoms. - Ynglinga Sag

In the end we must
all kill our fathers.

Sometimes I am a
knife-wielding drunk
dancing on a sheet of ice.
Careless. Destructive.
Invincible. Immortal.
Shouting to heaven:
“Come and get me,
do your worst!
I can outgod heaven
and I will outlive God.”
No angel can touch me,
no devil would dare.

In trance I become God.
My scepter, a pen
that ejaculates a cosmos
of ink and raging song!
I know I am unclean,
an unholy leper crying
“Don’t touch me!
For I have not yet
ascended into myself!”

I am the ancestor
of all I will become,
and I will become God.
Let others settle
for worshiping;
I will be worshiped!
And make a better
world than this
fucked-up nightmare.

Death, a pre-requisite?
I have died more
than most have lived.
Death is a gnat that bites,
only to be swatted down.
I remain, defiant and alive.

The only way to
become a God is to
endure it all and survive.

© Jim Wise

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