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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


And I Beseeched the Norns

Oh, what web the Norns have wove
to put me in this state...
Thinking 'bout long times ago
and what has come of fate.
Things have changed and faces gone
darkened from my life
brought on by times of wretched pain
and mind all full of strife.
It's as if the battles fought and won
and now the corpses lay
strewn about the fields low
the blood price I did pay.
Old friends have gone,
old foes are dead.
new friends have come,
old thought-ways have all have fled.
and now I sit and wonder
about what e'er I shall do
with what time now that lasts
and all that time that flew.
Freed from blackened bands of old
and unleashed with fire new
What now lies out in wait for me
until my time is through?

Justin L. O'Brien

~irishrng on DeviantArt


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