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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Amidst the 13 Moons

I awake the butterfly from slumbering cocoon
Stir the blood to sow the seed in the soil of womb

I will chant a Galdr song and redden all the runes
Drape you in a mystery amidst the thirteen moons

Wrapped in falcon feathers I spread my cloak in flight
Pound my staff upon the dais in the dark of night

Through nine realms a journey we shall take
Look into past and future and neither shall forsake

I will teach you passion and loss of all control
I will teach you ecstasy that burns within your soul

I am life within; untamed and always wild
I make the green grass grow and the little child

Speak to you in instinct; intuition is my gift
Whisper wisdom in the wind; spirit I uplift

To Grimnir; the witches ways I gave
And from the field of slaughter I recieve half the grave

Into my hall in Folkvang a welcome they'll receive
and warm embrace I grant them; tis not to grieve

Beautiful it is here; songs drift amidst the air
Elves make ready the way to the brave and fair

2005 Matilda Marks

Image: "Freya with her Cart and Cats", Giovanni Casselli

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