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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

All Mother

All Mother
Be Thou to me, Wise Teacher
That I may walk the way of weal,
That I may learn the way of the Handmaidens,
Using these gifts to our good and to the greater good of all

Teach me that I, too, may spin the battle from afar,
Rightly discerning the pattern of the Weave,
That I might wisely choose the spin of the thread
For this moment, in this hour
To know what is needed this day,

All-Mother, take up thy spindle
And guide my hands
To the light of Wisdom
Direct my thoughts to Knowing ways,
That when Cronehood comes upon me,
I may be indeed, a tru Elder,
Ever learning in the way of the Children of the Wise.

Hazel-Kate Dooley

Mother, Spinner, Spin the thread
All Earth's nations now are fed
Peace and breath and life and spirit
Let peace ring and let all hear it...

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