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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Allfatherís Song

Ten-legged and three-eyed,
Two armed, like wind he flies.
Wings before and wings behind,
Know him now and wisdom find

Hail Odin, first of gods!
Rune master, battle lord!
Grant we may the future see,
Bring to us the victory.

Full nine nights and nine days,
Self to self, a price he pays!
Staves of naming, staves of power,
Such he mastered from that hour

Gungnirís master, Ymirís bane,
In his hall he feasts the slain.
Victory-bringer, Gallows-lord,
With his kin he made the world!

Seeking knowledge, suffered pain,
An eye he lost but knowledge gained.
Walks middle-earth in grim disguise,
In riddle play confounds the wise.

Grim of feature, seeing all,
At Ragnarok heís doomed to fall.
To the Fenris wolf unbound,
With his heroes all around.

© 2002 Teri Wachowiak (& Friends)

Image: Artist unknown.

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