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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

All Father Haunts

Heís haunting me againÖ
Heís been with me for weeks
I see him in the corner of my eyes
Stalking me, watching my every move
I feel his presence seep deep inside
Whispering things on edge of breath
Waking me in the darkness of my sleep

Shrouding my head in dizzy clouds
Telling me things I cannot tell
Knowing his moods and his gestures
Clearly making his presence known
Not sure what he wants this time around
Haunting and driving me to near madnessÖ
What am I not hearing or seeing?

For he is constantly hovering as of late
Sitting there contemplating, deep in thought
I am nervous and wary of his plotting
I do not like the way his eye is eyeing me
Gently I ask him to give me some rest
Fearing that heís planning another test
Yet I will not deny any of his requests

I think heís after the beast under my skin
Taunting and playing until she comes out
Rabid and blind is the beast I hold within
I prefer keeping her sedated and sleeping
To hide her hateful ravenous need for sin
Infinite pain filled darkness is what she is
Not even I would survive her coming out again

And I also hear him speaking of the dead
Maybe he needs me to reach out to them
Knowing full well he does not need me for this
Then what is the reason for what I hear
Who is he plotting against?
Who or what is he warding me against?
Time will tell as he seeks his revenge

Why does he need me, with all he can see?
His vision is greater than I can comprehend
Yet it is clear heís calling out directly to me
What is it that I have, that he needs?
I hope itís just the comfort of a close friend
Though inside I know there is more to this
With a sigh, I accept his fateful whims

It seems my whole life has been a war
Training me, making me, into one of his
I have been beaten, and I have been loathed
Yes, Iíve even been hung from the rafters above
There isnít a physical scar that can compare
To the battle ridden inside of my beautiful soul
There isnít a pain that I do not know

So I will pick up my bag of tired bones
Aching from the last year that has gone
Putting my wishful thoughts to the side
Breathing in and gathering my strength
I will be prepared for this next ride
Looking over to see the fire in his eyes
As he looks back, he will see my smile inside.

© ~L~

Image: "Wotanīs Farewell", Joseph Diano, 1904 Italy - 1987 Pennsylvania. 
With License from Michener Art Museum's Web Site (www.michenerartmuseum.org). 

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