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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


I am called Sky-Cloaked Wanderer
One-eyed lord of runic lore
Bolverk 'mongst the etins
And Herjan, (God of War),
Vak, (the ever-wakeful),
Gagnrath to Vafthruthnir,
Fjolnir, (the concealer),
Hnikuth thrusts the spear...

On Yggdrasil hung I, forsooth,
In search of wisdom, vision, truth,
Hungry, thirsty, pierced by spear,
Seconds days and days like years,
Nine nights long I hung and bled,
Not quite alive nor yet quite dead,
Mysteries revealed to me,
Entrusted to Fimbultyr...

Grimnir called and oft times Har,
Baleyg, (the Fiery-Eyed),
Sigfather, (the Victory God),
By warriors slain, with pride,
I walk all realms of consciousness,
Quest without an end,
Call me what seems right to you,
But ever call me friend.... 

Johnny Whitebread

Image: Claudia Engelen, Portfolio & Prints: Illustration.de 

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