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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Journey To Ecstasy
A Poem To Freyja

Once a man went far afield
from home...
Leaving family and friends behind--
He traveled wide
with none
but his horse for company at his side--
He sought-
Or so he thought--
An Earthly Bride....

Yet in his travels
none did he meet who brought
upon his heart
the wild beat of Ecstasy--
Many wereof manner mild
not so many were sweet--
Still had he no desire
but to live in the abandon
of Love's Deepest Ecstasy--

After long days awandering
he lay his head upon the sweet smelling grass
of a succulent lawn...
His clothes long ago
had worn away to tatters and rags...
his horse he's had to trade
to roadside scalawags
for his life's sake...

Long each day did he pray
for his soul's wife
to pledge her troth--
That night he dreamt of mystic lands--
Where each drop of water
shone a golden hue
that did soothe and cool
the deepest wound or bruise
without as well as within--
To travel deeper yet did he yearn,
an unquenchable fire
deep within him did burn---
As he did so the pages of his life
did turn...
Irrevocably he did speed to his destiny--

A wild sow broke forth
from the deepest bush...
A molten copper so marvelous, so golden
did it shine into his eyes,
that it made him blind....

Then he felt
as if lifted high
unto its back--
Away they ran;
it felt to him as if they did fly--
The wind gave forth a joyous cry
that spoke deep of Love
at it's highest peak.
sight returned!
The whole land shimmered, it burned!!
His body melted until he knew,
it was not his body but his soul
that flew--

A Lady Faire; Radiant As The Sun,
Took him back to where his life had begun.
She set his memory to spin,
he looked from the outside in...
Then spoke She as once again he set his feet
upon the commencement of that fateful day
that had brought him this far way...
"Was it truly a bride in Earthly Guise upon whom
you wished to set your eyes? Or could it be that what
you seek is union with True Ecstasy? For if that
the case should be, the one whom you seek is Me."
So said Freyja,
The Lady whose path leads to abandon,
to union of fatter with Unbridled Ecstasy.
The Harlot True.
Her joy is found within The Wild Dance,
The Embrace of a Lover In Heat,
The Orgasm of Life That Carries Death.
whose amber tears revitalize,
the milk from her breasts
flows like honey
at her Lover's Caress;
Over his lips,
across his tongue
leading him into Orgasmic Oblivion.
Her name rings fair in thought, in deed--
She will ride the wind as if it were a wild steed.
Lady Freyja,
in her realm do hosts of long gone warriors dwell.

As the first ray of sun began to creep
along the horizon
answered he;
"Twas the Path Of Ecstasy I sought.
Truly was this knowledge sorely bought.
I will join you upon the way if you will have me
on this day."
So said he.
So it was. Long did they dally
before he returned to the world above.

In rags and tatters
he had gone down;
yet his raiment when he returned
could truly astound
even kings and princes.
His face did glow, his locks did flow
like red living gold.
To look upon him brought a dread delightful.
When home he returned, none knew his face
but listen did they eagerly
to the man who brought them to a boundless glee.

So today I say,
All shall lay the burden down of Expectation.
Allow instead a flood of Excitation
to carry to Freyja's Hall your soul.
Shall we make our way
to the Lady!

Lovely Lady Vanadis Freyja
Vanadis Freyja
Freyja, Freyja, Freyja
Lovely Lady Vanadis Freyja
Vanadis Freyja,
Freyja, Freyja, Freyja

Ayla Wolffe

* Wolffe's Ways - Aylas former Blog * Children of Eir - Support for Disabled Folk * Ayla can be found on Facebook

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